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 Professional Laser Equipment Production Supplier

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Focusing on laser only, we are the strongest manufacture for laser tube and small laser machine.

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CO2 Laser Tube

SHZR Co2 Laser Tube /40w

SHZR Co2 Laser tube/100w

Professional Production Equipment

SHZR Co2 Laser tube/130w

SHZR Co2 Laser tube/50w

SHZR Co2 Laser tube/170w

C02 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

SHZR cnc engraving machine cnc laser cutting machine cnc laser engraving machine


SHZR 1530 750W Laser Cutting Machine Fiber Mini Laser Cutting Machine Metal Circular Saw Metal Cutting Machine



SHZR 530 50W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Laser Cutting Machine Metal Mini Cnc Laser Metal Cutting Machine



SHZR 1610 80w 100W 130W 150W sheet metal laser cutting machine co2 cutting machine




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